The mysterious Roman tombstone of Cirencester

The mysterious Roman tombstone of Cirencester

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For the past two months, a team of archaeologists has been excavating a Roman necropolis just outside the town of Cirencester, city in Gloucestershire, about 150 kilometers from London. In this place no less than 55 tombs have been documented, some of which contained wooden coffins and some copper bracelets, although what most attracted the attention of researchers It was a tombstone where it can be read: "For the spirit of the deceased Bodica (Boadicea), wife, lived for 27 years".

It is a tombstone dating back to 2nd century AD., which had to be lifted with an excavator due to its weight. It is one of the other nine that have been found in this town and of the 300 that are scattered throughout Great Britain.

¿Why here at Cirencester? Maybe because during the first century, was the second largest city in Great Britain after London, which may reveal that there is still a lot to discover here.

Of this tombstone stands out its ornamentation, which was carved in a very fine way and surely made by experts, or at least it is what Neil Holbrook, of Cotswold Archeology has affirmed, which suggests that this woman had a lot of money or was married to someone of great power.

Among other details detected by Holbrock they highlight that both the letters and the writing are very poorly done and possibly it was an illiterate person who made them. It also stands out because there is still space on the tombstone under the name of the deceased, so it is suspected that It could be for her husband when he passes away.

Since this tombstone was discovered, there is already great expectation within the community of archaeologists, who have before them a very interesting and debatable topic that will surely reveal many secrets about this mysterious tombstone found in Cirencester and that it could hide many secrets about the troubled history of Great Britain in its origins.

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