Egyptian, Greek, mineral objects and much more - this week on Catawiki

Egyptian, Greek, mineral objects and much more - this week on Catawiki

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This week we bring you again some of the most interesting objects in the Catawiki auctions, where we highlight lots of three different categories: Antiquities, Natural History and Archeology, with very curious objects such as an ancient chess board, an iron age sword, an Egyptian head from 1400 BC. and a Greek vase.

Here are the best lots.


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In the antique section, we first highlight a small tea jar made of solid silver from Austria-Hungary, dated between 1886 and 1922, weighing almost 300 grams. But in addition, we found a french desk from the time of Napoleon III, painted with a roller with bronze filigree and dated to the second half of the 19th century.

Two other objects that we cannot fail to mention are a wooden chess table rosewood, original from England from 1850 in very good condition, and a large set of Table Clock with Barometer and Moon Clock by Edourd Serin, dated approximately 1880, 73 cm x 58 cm, with a minimal defect in the main globe, but generally in excellent condition.

Natural History.

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In the section of Natural History Three lots stand out, the first being a anetoceras fossil Original from Morocco of high quality and 100% original (without restoration). The second batch to highlight are large quartz crystals 12x11x9 cm and 413 grams of weight from Romania.

The third batch is a beautiful petrified wood slab More than 22 million years old and 9.7 kg in weight, measuring 51x30x4 cm and coming from Indonesia.

Archaeological objects.

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In the section of archaeological objects auctionsWe found three true gems that we couldn't not mention. First, a stone male egyptian head 22x20x22 cm from the year 1400 BC, with a high value but well deserved as it is an exceptional piece.

Second we find a greek vase of terracotta enameled in black (Lekhytos) of 19 cm, dated in the fourth century BC. in exceptional condition with natural wear due to its age. And thirdly we find a iron age sword 3rd century BC from Spain.

If you want to discover more objects, you just have to go to the Catawiki auctions and take a look at their entire catalog where, surely, you will find something that arouses your interest.

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